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My aim is wandering through biodiversity, in search of perfumes, flavours and colours that nature gives us.

Traveling is wonderful. I love collecting memories that remind me of the emotions experienced, which are not only landscape, history or architecture, but also human encounters. I constantly strive to not forget men and women who reinvent and keep traditions alive every day.

I love my job because every day it allows me to expand my knowledge inside and outside the restaurant. I love the mountains and the meanings they have for me. I love the wine that is part of our tradition – in our selection you will find something really intriguing. I have a lot to tell, not only about wine…




Garda Lake is a sort of narrow and long fjord surrounded by overhanging mountains. In the north the Sarca river brings water from the Brenta glaciers. In the south the Mincio river flows placid and rich in fish, embracing Mantua and throwing itself into the Po. The lake defends its mild climate from the cold alpine winds. Wines that come from the vineyards of Garda Lake are like the environment from which they are born: various, original, persuasive, elegant, unmistakable…

Just to mention a few: Lugana, Valpolicella, Bardolino, Berzamina, Custoza and the uncomparable Vino Santo Trentino.