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Lake fish specialties

Hot flan with seasonal vegetables
Whitefish carpaccio with cherry tomatoes and basil
Eel roll with Mediterranean aromas
Chub meatballs
“Sisàm alla Torbolana” with polenta
“Sarde en saor”
Pike with Garda’s aromas
Viking char with croutons and butter
Smoked trout with chicory and cherry tomatoes
Perch salad with Monte Baldo truffles
Saltarello fish with polenta and vegetables
Meat carpaccio with artichokes, parmesan and rocket
Lamb and horse smoked ham with horseradish
Buffalo mozzarella cheese with tomatoes
Crayfish carpaccio with mixed salad and pesto


Homemade specialties

Spaghetti with catalonia and lake sardine fillet
Mezzelune with river prawns flavoured with basil
Filled pasta with pike on a bed of broccoli puree
“Bigoi alla torbolana” with bleak fish
Cavedano ravioli with smoked whitefish
Homemade tagliolini with perch and vegetables
Homemade fettuccine with Monte Baldo truffle
Whitefish dumplings with lake sardine sauce, fresh tomatoes and olives
Dumplings with rocket, fresh taleggio cheese and speck
Carrot dumplings with smoked ricotta cheese
Garda soup with lake fish
Risotto with tench and herbs (minimum two people)
Risotto with perch (minimum two people)
Crispy lasagna with barbel and burbot
Fettuccine with fresh tomatoes and basil


Lake Fish

Lake fish specialties depending on seasonal availability.

Chub prepared according to the Torbole tradition
Grilled whitefish served with side dishes
Grilled trout served with side dishes
Golden perch fillets seasoned with sage
Mediterranean whitefish
Pike prepared according to the Torbole tradition and served in a bleak fish sauce with polenta
Pike on a bed of artichokes seasoned with ginger and basil
Tench on a bed of herbs
Meatballs of whitfish, fresh tomatoes and basil


Panna cotta with red fruit sauce and crunchy almonds
Homemade sorbet
Homemade ice cream
Bourbon chocolate mousse with red fruit sauce
Chocolate dessert with raspberry sorbet and soft cocoa biscuit
Mixed cheese selection with mustards and honey
White chocolate and yogurt frozen custard with mango sorbet
Homemade tiramisu with organic coffee
Linzer cake with quince jam and ricotta cheese mousse
Semifreddo with dandelium honey with “vino santo” and citrus sauce